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About Rachel

I’ve had the seeds of Radiant U inside me since I was a little girl.  As an eight-year-old I wanted to save the precious marigold seeds from our garden, so I packaged them in envelopes and sold them door-to-door for 5 cents. This love of botanicals and entrepreneurial spirit stayed with me through the years of raising children, becoming a florist, secretary and later, working my way up the corporate marketing ladder where I travelled globally and learned about many cultures and skin care regimens. My life’s path taught me many skills, hard lessons and the ability to meet so many people from around the world.

I was nearing 50 years old and successful but I wasn’t fulfilled. It wasn’t until my son said to me, “Ma, you only have to take care of yourself now,  you just need to think about what you WANT to do.” and my daughter said “just do it, you have this.” It was my family’s unconditional support that helped me to take the leap to start my own business. 

Radiant U grew out of my desire to offer holistic healing and care. All of the different seeds I’d been gathering throughout my life finally found a place to blossom into a beautiful spa oasis. At Radiant U, I have the opportunity to help heal people’s skin, calm their minds, and rejuvenate their spirit. From the moment someone enters our soothing botanical walkway, we care for their whole selves and people notice the difference. We use our own natural, organic product line, which even includes oils from those precious marigold flowers to soften and moisturize skin. As a holistic esthetician, I finally feel like I have found my way back home: doing the healing work I love, inspired by the natural world, that brings out people’s true inner beauty. I think my eight-year-old self would be proud. 

The Products

While my love of botanicals started at a young age, it wasn’t until my mother was diagnosed with leukemia in her 40’s that I realized the absolute necessity of organic skincare. My Dad believed her cancer was possibly linked to the products she used on her skin, such as her deodorant and over-the-counter skincare brands. This was an earth-shattering discovery for me and, as I researched, I found that many commercial and even “natural” cosmetic brands include ingredients that don’t belong in or on our bodies. Ingredients such as parabens and even formaldehyde are in the products we use and have been linked to numerous serious health issues. 

Part of my passion in founding Radiant U was to offer a truly natural alternative to skincare. All of our products are rigorously tested and certified organic by EcoCert, which also guarantees that our products do not contain parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances, synthetic colors, or other harsh ingredients. This is essential because 60% of what is put on our skin gets absorbed into our bloodstream, so we want to ensure it is free from toxins and harmful chemicals. Our Radiant U products are carefully crafted from a combination of essential oils, organic products, and dried botanicals to offer you the finest and safest products that won’t harm your skin or the earth. 

At Radiant U, we believe that your skin is just the beginning. Our spa setting offers soothing relaxation and attentive listening to ensure that you receive truly holistic care. We pay attention to your whole self in order to offer you a personalized healing experience that reduces stress and leaves you feeling refreshed in body, mind and spirit. Whether your issue is dry skin, premature aging, or acne, we curate a customized skincare routine using our natural products and services to ensure you feel healthier, inside and out. While we really care about your skin, our real goal at Radiant U is to help your true beauty shine through. 

  • No parabens
  • No sulfates
  • No petrochemicals
  • No synthetic fragrances
  • No synthetic colors
  • No harsh ingredients
  • No tested on animals

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